HPS40-2 Plug Socket Blade

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Detailed Product Descriptions
Product type:
Socket type:
Angle variant:
180 °
Plug type:
Interface type:
Contact carrier coding:
Coding A
Connection type:
Blade connection
Number of HV connections:
2 pol.
HV connection cross section:
Blade terminal
HV connection length:
Blade terminal
HV connection lead-out:
Blade terminal
HV wire manufacturer:
No Wire
Operating condition:
U = 1000 VDC
Ambient condition:
-40°C to +140°C
Maximum current load:
64 A / 80°C (6,0 mm²)
IP-degree of protection:
IPXXB (disassembled), IPXXD (assembled)
>70 dB (10 KHz to 5 MHz)
Shielded area:
360° circumferential
Shield contact resistance:
Vibration strength class:
According to LV 215
HVIL connection cross section:
Blade terminal
Number of HVIL connections:
2 pol.
HVIL connection lead-out:
Blade terminal
HVIL connection length:
Blade terminal
Please note that the 3D model may only be used to check the installation space. Under no circumstances should the 3D model be used for tool development or similar. In any case, the drawing must always be taken into account.


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