HPS40 4+2 M 180° cod.B 4x6mm² L1500

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Detailed Product Descriptions
Product type:
Socket type:
Angle variant:
180 °
Plug type:
Interface type:
Contact carrier coding:
Coding B
Connection type:
SCC Wire connection
Number of HV connections:
4 pol.
HV connection cross section:
6,0 mm²
HV connection length:
1500 mm
HV connection lead-out:
Straight cutted
HV wire manufacturer:
Operating condition:
U = 1000 VDC
Ambient condition:
-40°C to +140°C
Maximum current load:
See derating product spec.
IP-degree of protection:
IPXXD (assembled), IPXXB (disassembled)
see product spec.
Shielded area:
360° circumferential
Shield contact resistance:
see product spec.
Vibration strength class:
see product spec.
HVIL connection cross section:
0,35 mm²
Number of HVIL connections:
2 pol.
HVIL connection lead-out:
Straight cutted
HVIL connection length:
1500 mm


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