Refund Policy

Refund Policy


Complaints, warranty, liability
1 The pictures of the products provided in the Webshop may differ in comparison with the appearance of the delivered products. The delivered products shall be considered as according to the contract if the delivered pieces are in line with to the written product specification available on the Webshop.

2 The Seller warrants that for a period of 12 months following delivery of the goods, the goods supplied by the Seller shall be free of defects and conform to the specifications agreed.

3 Any defects shall be notified to the Seller by the Buyer expressly in writing within a reasonable period of time, obvious defects or delivery of merchandise other than the stipulated goods within 5 working days, at the latest, and hidden defects within 5 working days of being discovered, at the latest; otherwise claims under warranty or claims for damages based on the defect as such and claims based on error concerning the absence of defects of the item can no longer be asserted. If a defect is present and/or the goods do not conform to the specifications agreed as provided in Article 8.1 hereof, the Seller shall provide replacement or repair the defect at its own cost. An obligation of the Seller to compensate any further costs that may be incurred in connection with defective goods, such as, e.g., costs of assembly and disassembly, is excluded.

4 In the context of all of the above remedies available under warranty, the Buyer is generally obligated to observe the principle of cost minimization. The Seller is granted the right to choose such method for remedying the defect as is most favorable for the Seller as regards costs.

5 If the Seller does not comply with its warranty obligation as provided for in Article 2 or if subsequent performance fails, the Buyer is entitled to reduce the price by an appropriate amount or rescind the contract, but in either case only with respect to the defective performance.

6 Moreover, warranty shall expire forthwith if the Buyer or any third party modifies, or performs repairs on, the goods without the written approval of the Seller.

7 By mutual agreement, the special recourse available to an entrepreneur who has granted a warranty to a consumer is limited to the term of the statutory warranty periods


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